About FROSIO Insulation Inspector Course

The Insulation Inspector course provides in-depth knowledge of insulation design, installation, and associated inspection. Learn about CUI, insulation materials, key standards in insulation work, maintaining health and safety and other elements needed to ensure quality insulation that protects clients’ assets for the long term.

This course incorporates theoretical and practical study and examination. Upon successfully passing the exam students are awarded with the FROSIO insulation inspector certificate level based on their experience.
Course created according to the FROSIO curriculum defined by the FROSIO council.

This certificate is required for individuals who want to work on projects following the NORSOK specification.



  • Online prep-course
  • Mock exam
  • Online webinars
  • Online learning support group
  • Classroom training and FROSIO exam
  • Additional information

Course structure

The course is made up of online self-study materials, live webinars and classroom training: all a requirement for attending the final FROSIO exam.

We've made the course modular to best fit your schedule: you may purchase the full course right away, or take the online prep and in-class parts separately.

This course is available in English.


Online self-study course

Our online platform was designed for intuitive learning. It lets you track your progress, take quizzes and knowledge checks and learn using educational videos and animations produced in-house.


40-50 hours of self-study.

Learning modules:

  1. Role of the inspector
  2. Trade theory and insulation classes
  3. Drawings - reading and understanding
  4. Insulation materials
  5. Cladding and weather protection
  6. Installation
  7. Paint, materials and corrosion
  8. Requirement for execution of the work
  9. Standards
  10. Health, environment and safety

Mock exam

The mock exam lets you test your knowledge before the final FROSIO exam.

Those who purchase the full course get access to a mock exam that is graded by our instructors. You get to test your knowledge through a set of open-ended questions.

Mock exam deadline: The mock exam will become accessible 31 days before the final FROSIO exam. We will check your answers and get back to you within 5 business days. You can take your mock exam 11 days before the final FROSIO exam at the latest, so our examiners have time to review your answers. In the last 11 days leading up to the exam, you may still fill out the mock exam, but there is no guarantee that it will be graded by our instructors.

Online webinars

Attend a series of 4 expert-led webinars that will cover important theory and give you the opportunity to engage with our trainers.

Online support group

Join our Whatsapp group and leave no question unanswered. We’re there to provide practical examples, fill knowledge gaps and help you learn in the way that best suits you. Along with practical information, get webinar reminders and links to short and quick quizzes covering the course topics.
And after class is done, this is where we plan to meet up and get to know fellow students and colleagues in the field of insulation inspection.

Classroom training

Our instructors are knowledgable professionals with decades of experience in the industry. They will cover important theoretical concepts and provide valuable hands-on training.
They will share tricks of the trade, cover case studies and answer any questions you may have.
Practical training is provided in the use of inspection tools and methods. 12 inspection stations are provided for students to develop and test their skills.

The final day in the classroom is reserved for the FROSIO exam.

You may book your spot for the in-class training separately and join the class at any of the locations listed on the courses page. Please keep in mind that attending in-class training is one of the three requirements for attending the FROSIO exam and gaining certification, and you must purchase the online prep-course before the in-class training.


3 days of training and the FROSIO exam day. For bigger groups of students and in-house training, the number of days spent in class can be adjusted on request.

Practical stations:

  1. Climatic conditions
  2. DFT measurement
  3. Insulation materials - samples and pictures
  4. Insulation classes - drawings, 9 Norsok classes
  5. Accessories - samples
  6. Cladding inspection - pictures, general view of pipelines and equipment
  7. Penetrations - pictures and a representative sample
  8. Cladding materials - samples, recognize common claddings
  9. Cladding installation flaws - name flaws and defects presented on pictures
  10. Insulation installation - pictures, comments on installation of insulation
  11. Paint defects station
  12. Corrosion types station


The examination includes a theoretical and practical part each four hours long. To meet the requirement for certification, the candidate must pass both parts of the examination, which will be conducted in conjunction with the training course. If the candidate does not pass one of the two parts, this part must be retaken and passed within 5 years.

A candidate that does not pass the examination has two further attempts to pass. Thereafter, the candidate must attend a new training course.

A passed examination has a validity of 5 years.