Our instructors and local contacts

Richard van der Wal

CEO and instructor at Paint-Inspector.Com FROSIO Level III English, Dutch

Richard is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in coating and corrosion industry. 

He gained his experience during years spent in P&O Nedlloyd, Carmar B.V. and as a senior coating advisor in Hempel Coatings.

 In 2012 he established his own company Paint-Inspector.Com, which is focused on inspections, education and recruitment.

Reinder J. Geertsma

Manager at PIC Americas FROSIO Level III (CV1A-Coating Technology Resins (Dutch), CV1B-Coating Technology Pigments (Dutch), Corrosion Technology) English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

After his study in Coating Technology, Reinder commenced his career working in R&D departments of several coating manufacturers in the Netherlands.

Since 1993, he owns his own independent company as a Senior Coating Consultant and has managed numerous projects in the field, especially in the maritime sector.

His technical knowledge and extensive field experience is a great asset to our team of instructors.

Ravindra Karambelkar

Manager at PIC India FROSIO Level III, NACE Level 3, SSPC Level 2 English, Hindi, Marathi

Experienced professional with more than 25 years of experience, ranging from printing ink industry, decorative & industrial coatings, marine coatings and coating equipments.

Ravindra started his career in the printing ink industry and then shifted to industrial coatings to equipment and to marine coatings inspection. His thorough knowledge of marine coatings application, inspection and assessment helps during inspections and training.  Ravindra worked in all South Korean Shipyards which are giants in the shipbuilding industry. He also worked in Vietnam, Singapore and China as a marine coatings inspector and also as a coatings surveyor for RINA class.

Ismail Farghani

Manager at PIC Indonesia Frosio Level III, NACE Level 2, Icorr (Insulation/PFP) L2, CSWIP 3.0, IRATA L1 English, Indonesian

Ismail is a multi-skilled, reliable, and thorough painting, welding, insulation & PFP/NDT and rope access inspection.

Ismail has more than 10 years of professional experience within oil and gas industry, oil refinery, petrochemical industry, pipelines and mining (onshore & offshore).

Jeff Ge Yuanfeng

Manager at PIC China NACE Level 2 English, Chinese

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the coating industry, including 18 years as a coating inspector, supervisor, and team leader of the owner’s companies. He was involved in a variety of ships’ new buildings and repairs, onshore and offshore projects and also worked in coating training and consulting.

He is responsible for PIC China mainland’s operation, market development, and FROSIO training. 

Eric Ho

Manager at PIC Hong Kong and China ICAS Level I English, Cantonese, Mandarin/Putonghua

Eric has more than 20 years of professional experience in paint advising & sales in well-known companies like Jotun, Nippon Paint, Sigma, Ecoshield.

He also has experience as a freelance inspector. 

Kevin Richardson

Manager at PIC Africa NACE Level 3, FROSIO Level III English, Afrikaans

Kevin has professional experience of more than 20 years in the industry. The experience includes coating material support and supply (Jotun), corrosion related training management and lecturing (CorrISA) and application equipment support and supply (Storm). Currently, his company Alike Africa is promoting corrosion related training in collaboration with PIC. Kevin is also doing inspections as well as consulting work.  

His studies include 'Community Development', 'Training and Development Management', 'FROSIO Surface Treatment Inspection', 'NACE Coating Inspector Program', 'SSPC Train the Painter - Approved Trainer' and others.

Kevin is our qualified colleague in South Africa and the surrounding areas.