FROSIO Surface Treatment Operator Course

This newly created course is suitable for those who are determined to increase their professional qualifications as surface treatment operators. Attendees may choose to obtain FROSIO certification, becoming certified operators for surface treatment machinery. Approved operators should be able to perform surface treatment in accordance with specifications, standards, and other requirements. This training contains online studying as well as hands-on on-site training. The certificate will be granted upon successful completion of a practical exam.

The course consists of on-line learning that covers the necessary theoretical knowledge to become an efficient surface treatment operator and on-site practical training. Practical training can be conducted in one or more of the following options:

  1. Surface preparation; steel dressing, mechanical- and abrasive blast cleaning
  2. Spray application of paint; conventional, airless
  3. To be announced 
  4. Special coatings: Zinc-rich Ethyl Silicate
  5. Brush and roller application of paint; stripe-coat, spot repair

E-learning modules:

  • Corrosion and its prevension
  • Paints and coatings
  • Paint application on different substrates
  • Health and safety
  • Steel dressing and design
  • Surface preparation
  • Documentation and records keeping

For those who wish to obtain certification we offer the option of getting the FROSIO certificate for the completed modules and options. For this offer, please contact us directly.